INDIRECT() or similar functionality in Knime

Is there any Knime functionality similar or same as ‘INDIRECT()’ function in Excel?

If yes, could you please help me with it?

Hello @Nick9403 and welcome to the KNIME forum
I 'm not sure that you can translate all the excel mindset into analytics. I’ve used INDIIRECT() before in excel in order to map cells; I don’t see it necessary here, as information is stored in columns and there are plenty of nodes (GroupBy, Filters family, Rule Engine, Column Expressions) beside scripting ones.

Can you provide an example on when and need of using it? I’m quite sure there will be a few KNIME approaches to achieve the proposed result. Including import data.



You can use the Counter Generation node to add a column that allows you to reference row lines in formulas. Perhaps that helps?

You can also reference columns by their position.


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