Ineffective Domain Calculator?

The Domain Calculator is a weird thing… I’ve got a very simple workflow part, where I’m reading from a database a list of ISO country codes and the corresponding country names:


I then, do a simple string manipulation (using the Column Expression Node) to create a string like that joins the country code and the country with a hyphen inbetween:


And then call the Domain Calculator on the resulting table. There are 248 entries in my table, so I’ve ticked the Restrict Number of values option, and set it to 300 values. The domain calculator seems to work Ok:

But… when I feed that table to a Value Selection Node, I get the infamous “The input table does not contain any column with domain information.” warning, and that causes my component execution to fail :frowning: But, inspecting the output data from the domain calculator node shows me it could determine the domain information!

All I’m trying do to is build a dropdown list for the user to pick a country from when executing the workflow on the Webportal. If I’m executing my workflow up to and including the value selection node, it gives me the warning, but shows me the dropdown list properly with the list of all the countries. When embedded in a component though, the component execution fails, and the execution on the web portal fails too…

My experience with web functions and KNIME is limited. Two things come to my mind:

  • could you try the cache node before you use the results
  • would it be possible to use the results of a group by node to fill the drop-down list

Thanks for that suggestion, but neither of them worked. Still getting the same warning and the component keeps failing.

Hello @bbuclin,

Seems all fine with Domain Calculator to me. Does error only occurs on WebPortal or locally as well? I have tried it locally and although I get this message it’s a warning message and I can execute Component and see view. I attach workflow here. Can you give it a try?
2020_09_10_Domain_Component_test.knwf (19.1 KB)

If you have different setup can you modify workflow and send it back?



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