InfluxDB Time Series Database

I am increasingly working with InfluxDB as our backend of choice for monitoring data. It is optimized for timeseries data, is schema-less, from my feeling it seems fast (I haven't done benchmarking myself yet), it allows for high compression and provides nice functionality such as (continuous) aggregates with an familiar SQL like query language. (Details:

Python has libraries to work with InfluxDB, but for Knime the only interface I can think of is using the HTTP endpoint of InfluxDB. Has anyone used InfluxDB with Knime? It would be nice to have the database nodes integrate InfluxDB but I am not sure of the restrictions (e.g. no joins in InfluxDB). What is your experience?


I haven't heard of InfluxDB before, but it looks pretty interesting. Do you know if they provide a JDBC driver? If yes, you should be able to connect to it from KNIME.



Hi Roland,

there does not seem to be a JDBC driver for InfluxDB. The closest will be to use the HTTP API (for in/export) or a java or python lib ( for now. Unfortunately this would not allow for the KNIME database nodes to be used.

InfluxDB uses a SQL-like query language ( with grouping, arithmetic but no joins. Could this work natively in KNIME?

Best, Max