Information from "Trace Variant Explorer" node

Good day,
I have a doubt using the node “Trace Variant Explorer”. The result is an image that summarizes the different cases.

I want to have this information into a table in order to join the results of this analysis with the original dataset.

I expect to have this time of information (an additional column linked to the classification from the previous node)


Hi @sbuenor,

that is a nice community extension you found there which I was not aware off. I am thrilled to see there is so much more to discover with Knime :partying_face:

Though, reading into the extension docs you might be better off submitting a topic in the community extension category directly asking @PM4KNIME


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Hello @sbuenor,

Welcome to the community!

As @mwiegand mentioned, it would be best to ask the user he mentions as I took a look at the node and it does not offer any sort of output port that you can use other than a image.



Thanks for the information @thor_landstrom and @mwiegand
I open a new question in the Community extensions as you mentioned.

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