Input Chembl Target

Hi everyone,
I am having some troubles changing my target on the node “Input target from CHEMBl”.
Everytime that I submit the CHEMBl ID a warning comes as
“Setting were not changed: The sets were not changed. Node will not be reset”
Can someone help me out here?!

Hi @Haifa,

Can you share a sample workflow to look into it.




Hello, @aliasghar_marvi
Regret the delayed response.
I tried to follow this workflow: TeachOpenCADD - a teaching platform for computer-aided drug design using KNIME – KNIME Community Hub

And the warnings I’m getting are as follows:

  1. Execute failed: The given file…/data/W1_query_results_20210125.table does not exist, according to ERROR Table Reader 4:21:0:273.
  2. The directory ‘…/results’ does not exist and should not be created owing to user preferences, according to ERROR CSV Writer 4:21:0:272.

These occur in the initial step (dataset filtered & formatted by bioactivity and SMILES)

Hello @Haifa -

I suspect what is happening here is that you have downloaded only the workflow, without the data.

Can you instead go to the link below, and download the entire directory structure (including data and results) as a KNAR file?

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thank u so much… I will give it a try.

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