Input in text and document for recommendation system

Hello colleagues, I hope you are all safe and well.

I’m creating a flow for a recommendation system and I’m having difficulty finding the best solution to create a field for inputting a keyword or a document that will be used to cross-reference the recommendation data.
Does anyone have an example, or could help me?

Thank you in advance for all your attention!

Sounds like you could use a Widget node. Its hard to be more specific without more detail about what you want to do. For example, do you want free form input or choice from a list? You should look at this. Its a little dated but will get you started.

I am creating a recommendation system that must receive in the query a keyword entered in a written field or a document in attached text format, to be cross-referenced with a database of articles, theses and dissertations, which will recommend studies related.

The first could be handled by a String Widget. " a document in attached text format" isn’t clear. Where does it come from and what’s its format?

A web page will be created to carry out the query, the user will be able to search using keywords or by attaching a PDF, the system will read and cross-reference data with the article base to suggest the most similar ones.

As I said earlier the terms can be input with s String Widget. How do you plan to “attach” a pdf? Once you’ve chosen a pdf do you plan on parsing the entire pdf and using the entire corpus as a set of search terms?

The idea is to have a place on the page for the user to upload the PDF, only summaries and keywords will be used for the recommendation.

You could try the File Upload Widget followed by the necessary downstream processing. How are you going to create summaries or keywords?

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