Input into Dictionary Tagger

Currently the Dictionary Tagger requires the location of a filename for its definitions. Would it be possible to have a second input port to get the definitions instead, as you can then have an option to either create a table with create table node and have all the definitions embedded within the workflow, or still import a table of definitions from a file and put into the second node. The problem with the current situation is not being able to pass on the workflow to others as then the location file is no longer found and the node resets all the settings within it.


this is not posible with the curret Dictionary Tagger node. If you have the dictionary stored in a workflow you need to use a csv writer node to write the dictionary to a file which can be used be the dictonary tagger node. The idea of a dictipnary node with a second input data table containing the dictionary is good, thanks. I'll think about writing that node.

Cheers, Kilian

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