Input password encryption in knime

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get the user credentials using Java Edit Variable node. It’s working well and I am getting 2 input dialog box to enter the username and password. However, the password is in a plain text and I am looking for a way to encrypt and then decrypt it.

I followed this topic (Encrypting passwords in the Preferences using the KNIME-Master-PW), but I could not fine the KnimeEncryption package. It should be as a class of the org.knime.core.util package, but I couldn’t find it in the Additional Bundle of the Java snippet node.

I embrace any idea either regarding to resolve the above issue or password encryption.

Thank you.

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Hello @ehsanT

By definition encrypting a text is made to make it unreadable. Unless you can create your own algorithm… by using well known available hashing codes, no one should be able to decrypt it back.


Hi @ehsanT , is there any reason why you are using the Java Edit Variable node for this?

If you want the password not to be in plain text, then you have to use a field of type password and create a credentials object. I’m not sure the Java Edit Variable can do that. Simply creating a variable called “password” does not make it a password field.

That being said, the credentials object only works for standardized username/password such as db credentials, and some web requests.

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