Input value not tkaen over when switching between Manual, Wildcard, Regex or Type


yet another inconveniency if not bug. The new UI, in particular the input field, like in the Column Filter node is not taking over the value provided when switching between filter options:

  1. Manual
  2. Wildcard
  3. Regex
  4. Type

In fact it seems a new input field is displayed because when switching back to manual, the value is present.

This causes yet again a UX regressen as users tend to start typing in values,might notice they like to switch to another filter option but actually do nto expect, as it’s just an option, to have to start all over again.

Thinking one step further, it opens up possible point of failures. What if there is a future bug and the input in manual mode persists but the user forgot about it since he/she chose to use Wildcard instead? It also causes confusion to the user when there is a long forgotten and invalid input. It is even more problematic in terms of LEAN as another user will simply not get it.

On another note … the new UI really looks like HTML as I noticed you define placeholder values and some odd behavior about font sizing which I mentioned in another topic where I try to raise awareness of the new but premature interface.

Please revert these premature UI changes. I just work since yesterday with 5.1 and must say these specific “inconveniencies” are an absolute pain in the ass.


Hi @mwiegand,

Thank you for your feedbacks. This is now in our list to investigate it further.