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Hi Knimers,
just quick question: what happened to "Insert Column Header " node?
I just extracted my table header, did some string manipulation on column headers and now I want to insert back the new headers!
how can I do that?

Hi @psfard ,

here it is Column Renamer (Dictionary) – KNIME Community Hub
We started an ongoing process to harmonize the names of nodes. Theoretically the node should show up in the search when using the old name, however it does not for me neither.

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Oh I see what you mean! but shouldn`t be a node for simply insert our before extracted header to our table ?

We considered different names. Insert can be confusing to some people (think append instead of update). Since having a second dictionary table is a common concept in KNIME, we went with this name.
If you use the quick node insertion feature of AP 5., the node should show up first as a successor of the Column Name Extractor.

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So basically the process will be like this ; extract the header , transpose it , change the names in rows , use this 2 columns( 1.original header names 2.changed ones) for Column Renamer node.
am I right?

Right, but you can configure the Column Name Extractor node to extract as one column, saving the additional Transpose node.

thanks it was indeed helpful @nan :pray:

Hi @psfard , you may be interested on this thread re column renaming, noting difference between 4.x and 5.1…


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