Insert file path into Read Excel Sheet Names node or List Files/Folders node

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I am trying to insert a file path into the Read Excel Sheet Names node or the List Files/Folders node (I do not really care) but for some reason, it just does not work. As you can see from the screenshot below, I first create the a file path in the table creator and then replace a part of the path in the string manipulation node as I need it to be flexible. The Sharepoint Online Connector does execute correctly with the created flow variable as a string flow variable is required, but once I want to transform my string variable into a path one and then connect it with either of the above mentioned nodes, it just does not work.

My path looks like this:

And the workflow you can see in the screenshot as well (please ignore all the constant value columns nodes below). Maybe the problem is that the path is just a part of an actual path and works as string variable for the Sharepoint Online Connector but does not actually work as “path” which is a problem for the Read Excel Sheet Names node / List Files/Folders node

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Hi @tstolle94

What is the error message that the node gives? If you can share how the flow variable looks like after the string to Path (Variable) node that would make troubleshooting somewhat easier. Issue like this are always hard to judge purely based on one screenshot.


Hi @ArjenEX,

I understand what you mean. Unfortunately I do not really know how to share the workflow so that it makes sense since I think the problem can only be fully understood when downloading it when you actually have the same access that I am to the Sharepoint folder. Also, we have a quite restrictive data security policy, so I am not allowed to share column names or Sharepoint links.

Anyways, I try my best to make it visual what the problem is, hope the following screenshots help you understand where the problem might occur.
So this is the error message that occurs once I open the Read Excel Sheet Names node:

Explaining the workflow from the beginning: So with the String Manipulation node and the attached flow variable, the country in the path which is Germany here, is replaced. So the format looks like this: /xxx/“Country”/xxx . And this as a string variable flowing into the Sharepoint Online connector for selecting the correct directory works. But once I convert it to a path via the String to Path (variable) node, which is necessary for the both reading nodes coming after as they would only accept a path flow variable for selecting the right directory, it changes the format of the path to this: \xxx"Country"\xxx . So for some reason the path shows now with backslashes. And my assumption is that the problem lies here. Because if I would select a directory in the Read Excel Sheet Names node manually without the flow variable doing it, the path shows with a forward slash.

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Hey Tim,

could you try to add the File System Connection from the Sharepoint Online Connector node to the String to Path node (by clicking on the three dots on the node) so that you create a Sharepoint Path instead of a local path.

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Perfect @laaaarsi, thats it! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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