Inserting new rows into existing table

Hi All,

My first project in Knime.

I found a topic with the same title but wasn’t able to recreate it.

The OP ran into the same issue as me but they were able to fix it, I cannot.

I simply want to add static rows into a joiner.

When I use concatenate it just puts those rows to the columns right of the joiner table.

They said to do a Table Creator but I didn’t know how to connect the nodes to make it work.


Hi, @danshu09.

Can you explain better what you intend to do. Maybe with example data.

Try this joinner


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Concatenate will add the rows to the bottom if the column names / types / order match.

All I am trying to do is to copy the first three rows from one file (headers) and insert them as rows on top of another file (data).

The reason why I am doing this is because the joiner got rid of those rows and I need them back.

Hi, @danshu09.

To do that, both tables must have the same structure of names and types.


Can you upload that workflow and de-select “reset workflow” during the export? I think once we see the inputs this would only take a few seconds to do.

Should row 0 actually become the header in KNIME? Then the data rows become the data?

Sample Workflow.knwf (2.7 MB)

See if this achieves your goal.

My apologies for the delay.

I was able to make this work by adding a row to my Headers file to match the Headers of the Data file.

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