Inspect code underlying a node and modifying it

Is there a way to inspect “how” a node operates, ie, inspecting the underlying code? Also, what if I would like to modify the code of a node to fit my purposes. I don’t have a specific example in mind - mostly I just want to peak behind the curtain of the nodes a bit.

Hi Scapuzzi,

one possible way to very conveniently jump to a node’s code is by searching it on NodePit. E.g. here for the “Table Creator” node:

… there, scroll down to the “Developers” section and click the “Take me to the Source” button:


This way, NodePit will automatically try to find the appropriate Git repository which contains the node’s source and take you to the “Factory” class. From there you can easily navigate to other parts of the node’s implementation such as the “model” class, which is probably the most interesting one.

NodePit should cover (almost) all code which is publicly available on GitHub. Bit if you miss some source code for a specific node, feel free to post it here and tell us and KNIME to make the source available :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you can import the source code of a node’s plugin into Eclipse using the “Import plugin or fragments” (or something like this). But imho this is a super-annoying process if you just want to quickly check some implementation details.

Hope this helps!


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