Install certificat jks for Web portal Knime


We have Knime Server 4.6 on a Microsoft Server 2016 virtual machine and we want to install the certificate in the WebPortal.
I tried to follow the differents steps of the documentation but I still have a problem. The web portal does not know the certificate, despite I restart the Apache TomEE service.

Could you help me to solve this problem?

Hi @zeineb,

Can you please tell us what you have done so far? Have you also followed the steps under “Client Configuration” in the KNIME Server Administration Guide?


Hi @RolandBurger ,

I have changed the server.xml as indicated in the documentation. Now, I have the right certificat in the webportal but I can’t accede to the KNIME SERVER ( ERROR: Connecting to server “https://ntazueu11063:443/tomee/ejb” failed. PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target). You’ll find attached :

the new server.xml file modified
screenshot of the error of acces to knime Server.
Could you help me to solve this problem?



server.xml (8.7 KB)

Hi Zeineb,

If the certificate that you installed cannot be trusted by the default Java 8 JRE keystore then you would need to also install the relevant certificates into the KNIME Analytics Platform. See page 22 of the KNIME Server Admin Guide. The section called ‘Client Configuration’ for the full details.