Install Extensions - Local Update Sites doesn't seem to work

Hi there,

I wanted to use nodes that are currently not showing up in my node repository (e.g. Scorer (JavaScript) or Tess4J).
Therefore, I followed the guide here: and since my company’s security settings seem to interfere the locations I downloaded these two files:
and put them in a folder and added them according to the guide (see screenshot preferences).

When i go to File >> Install KNIME Extensions and check which extensions are installed…I think i should be set to go…but unfortunately, the nodes still don’t show up when i search for them.

What am i doing wrong?
Thanks for help.

Hi Michael!

Welcome to KNIME community!

Seems you did everything by the book :slight_smile: You have problems only with nodes from those two extensions or you do not see any node from extensions you additionally installed?


Hi Ivan,

thank you for your answer! That is a good question. In order to test it, I googled a few nodes that should show up as a result of the extensions I installed (however, I am not 100% sure if some of them did show up even before my installation or if any of the extensions were installed previously by default).

The result to me is not clear. E.g. when I look for the “H2O” nodes…pretty much nothing shows up (which would lead me to think something didn’t work out all right since I have many of the H2O integrations installed).
However, when i typ in “Spark Line appender” (for the KNIME SVG Support), or “omero” or “python” the nodes that i think are the result of the installed extensions show up.

In sum: I still don’t get why the nodes I actually want (e.g. Scorer (JavaScript) or Tess4J) I cannot get to show up. Hm. Not so cool.

If anyone has more ideas - highly appreciated!!

Good Friday to all of you.


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Hi Michael,

you did install the source extension. This you actually do not need. You need the one without Source.

Should look like here:

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Sweeeet. The Java Script Scorer node shows up now. Many thanks!

So do I have to get rid of the extensions that start with “source” and only keep those starting with “KNIME”? Or do you have a link explaining the difference (in case that’s faster for you)?

Hi Micheal!

Glad you got your nodes now. Sources Category contains source code and is only for developers. Check out this video for more on Installing KNIME Extensions. It on version 3.1 I think (a bit old) but I believe will be helpful:

And a bit more info on different types of Extensions and Integrations:

Happy KNIMEing!



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