Install Extensions on AWS Server Large

Hello all,

I am starting to check out how KNIME Server (KNIME Server Large PAYG for AWS) works and was wandering how to install additional extensions. In this document (KNIME Server on AWS Marketplace) , under “KNIME Server Large (Distributed executors)” I just found : “Instructions to be added shortly.”

However, on the Server Administration Guide (KNIME Server Administration Guide) under “Installing additional extensions”, it seems to be well described. Also, I found this video : Installing and Updating Extensions from the Command Line - YouTube

Does someone of you have already tried to install extensions on KNIME Server Large PAYG for AWS and agree with the methods listed above ?

Many thanks

Hello @Fra_S3k_knime,

Thank for your question. You already have found the right material and especially our KNIME TV video you have mentioned provides good guidance for the extension installation.

When using an AWS PAYG instance with Linux as the operating system, the installation of an extension works the same as on any on-premise or virtual machine. So you are good to go with our documentation.

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