Install extensions

Hi everybody!

I've read the amazing white paper about text and network mining. I've tried to download to see the full workflow in knime but, there are some nodes that knime can't load. 

How could I know which extensions do I have to install ?

e.g. if I click on one of this nodes I see: 

Placeholder node for missing "NetworkCreator".

Unable to load factory class ""

but, at least for me, it isn't clear which extension have to install

Maybe this is very beginner, but I don't know how to select the right extension in File>> Install KNIME Extensions

Thank u for your time!

Have a nice day! :)

Hi Enri,

you need the network Mining Plugin and you can find it in labs.

We are currently improving this installation of new plugins. Stay tuned for our summer release :-)

Best, Iris

Thank U Iris!

It works perfectly!

Have a nice day :)