Install KNIME on Linux (Ubuntu)


I downloaded the KNIME analytics platform to my Ubuntu 20.04. I extracted the tar.gz file, and I can launch the application by clicking on “knime”.
However, I would like to install the application so that my OS recognizes it as such. How can I create an application launcher in Ubuntu, so that KNIME is shown as a program with its icon?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there !
Unfortunately the Linux version of KNIME is just an executable, like a “portable exe” on Windows. You don’t install it.

But maybe, what you can do is create an symlink (symbolic link) (with the KNIME Icon) in order to point to the extracted Knime executable. It’s like a shortcut on Windows.

Then, you need to make it accessible from everywhere, and you can do that by “registering the new app/file” to your local PATH by adding this line export PATH=$PATH:</path/to/new_knime_file> to your ~/.bashrc at the very end (last line).

Logout and login again, and then you should access Knime from everywhere. Take a look here: Add executable to path

Hope that helps !

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