Install missing nodes on the Offline Server

Hello Expert Knimers,

I prepared a workflow to send emails in HTML Format to various team members depending on the given condition. The excel file will be uploaded by the team which is password protected and we need to create an email in the HTML format and send it. I could able to prepare the workflow locally and could test it partially as send email is not allowed from my machine. It is allowed only on the server.

Now challenges are:

  1. Excel Password Manager node is missing in the sever
  2. Table to HTML String is also missing in the server

I need to upload these nodes to the server, but the server does not contain Internet access. Please note that my local machine is Windows 10, and my server is running on Linux environment.

  1. How can download Linux version of the nodes?
  2. Where should these nodes be uploaded so the nodes are recognized?
  3. Do I need to restart the server after uploading them? (My assumption is yes, because when I install new extension on my desktop, I need to restart the analytics platform.)

Thank you for your time and efforts.