Install spark

hi everybody
I’m trying to install Spark on my computer to connect it with Knime
(I applied the steps from YouTube)
However, I encounter a problem when I try to verify the installation using cmd. The result is that it cannot be recognized.
Does anyone know the correct steps to install Spark and how can I connect it to Knime?
Thanks to all. Any useful information will help me
link to youtube or any things will help

For quick prototyping in a local context, you can use the Create Local Big Data Environment node, and connect Spark nodes to that.


@mohammad_alqoqa you can use Spark inside a KNIME Python node and bring results back to KNIME via Pandas or store them on a drive. But please note: you will be restricted to the power of your (local) machine so Spark might not help you much with regards towards performance.

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