Installation Knime Analytics Plattform 4.7.3 on Linux Laptop

Hello Everybody,
I am working with Knime in my job on a Windows machine. Now I want to use
Knime on my privat Linux laptop (Linux Mint 18.3). However after downloading
and unpacking of the knime_4.7.3 Linux package, the knime executable file is not
recognizied as such. Do you have any idea what goes wrong or how to
circumvent this. Also, to my surprise, it is not possible to install knime
via the “sudo apt-get install” command in the Terminal i.e. CLI shell (error message: the
knime package cannot be found). Thank you in advance!
Armin Alois

Hi @Armin_Alois and welcome to the forum.

When you say

can you be more specific? What happens when you try to install the software - what error messages do you see, etc? I think we need more information here to assist.

Hi Scott,
Thank you.

When I unpack the download with the Archive Manager, I see a file solely named “knime” ( no .xxx) of Typ “unknown”. I assume this is the knime executable. If I double click it, the error message pops up: no application found to open “knime”. In case I select the GDebi installer, I receive the error message: “knime” cannot be opened, the file/package is maybe corrupted or I am not allowed to open it.

When I typ in the following into the Terminal (CLI shell in Linx Mint):
sudo apt install knime_4.7.3.linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz
It starts to read package lists, a dependence tree is build, status informations being read, but no package could be fund with the specified name or with a pattern or regex as the specified name.

If I repeat this for sudo apt install knime, I receive tha same messages.

The knime_4.7.3.linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz download is in the Download folder. This folder usually works for installing applications from downloaded packages in the Terminal using the sudo apt install command.

Any idea?
Thank you,

Hi @Armin_Alois,

Would you check the tar file size (.tar.gz) you have downloaded from KNIME website?
This should be 567 MB for the current stable version of KNIME AP for Linux. You just need to extract the .tar.gz file to some location of your choice. There you will have a folder named e.g. “KNIME_4.7.3” and inside this folder, you will find the KNIME AP executor (knime).

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Hi Armin,
the tar.gz file has 594,7 MB, the unpacked knime 4.7.3 folder 1GB and the knime (presumable) executeable file 89,8 kB.
Thank you,

What does happen when you run ./knime in the terminal inside the KNIME_x.x.x folder where the file knime is?

Or maybe you can create a .sh file with the path to knime file and then make the file exectable:

chmod +x

and then run the file.

If these don’t work, it could be your OS version being too old ( Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia based on Ubuntu 16.04 - 2017).

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