Installation of extension of TESS4J OCR

I want to start working with OCR for pdf .
I found some examples.
OCR with Tika Parser, Image Reader Table and Tess4J - KNIME Extensions - KNIME Community Forum

Of course there are nodes that I don’t have available so I wanted to download them.

I unfortunately am not allowed to directly connect to

That’s why I’m using the extesions file. Community Extensions | KNIME
During the installation I found that the node is not available .

Probably it will be in some special file .
Can you advise me in which one?
My version of KNIME 4.7.0

Hi @MarekV,

the site Community Extensions | KNIME is the correct site for you needs. From there, I suggest downloading the zipped update sites for experimental update sites for your version (4.7):

Furthermore, you might need to the zipped update site of the update site …community-contrubtions/trusted/4.7

If you have both of them available in you installation, then I think you should be abla to install the extension:

Tell me whether that works or if you have further questions

Best regards


Finaly I had time to download and install extension and now I can play with it :grinning:
Thank you

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