Installation of Selenium Node on Knime 4.4

I have installed the Selenium Node extension before updating Knime Analytics Platform to version 4.4. After updating it, I follow the same instruction and cannot connect to the selenium node website and here is the error message I encounter:

“Uable to read repository at PRIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target”

Does any Selenium Nodes user experience the same problem? Can anyone help me on this?

I have also the developer of Selenium Nodes but it seems that the developer simply claims that it’s my own network problem. However, I did not encountered this when I was using version 4.3.3.

Hi Christine,

I never “simply claimed” that this were “your own” problems. Instead, I asked for a few more details to better understand the background. In case you’re willing to provide these, I’ll be happy to further investigate this. Feel free to provide them here, that makes things probably more efficient.

Beside that, I highlighted a workaround (i.e. downloading the ZIPped update site) to get you back on track for now.



Hi @christine_ywl, I noticed that the URL in your message was incorrect…

As it is missing an ‘e’ in selenium.

I’m sure you have, but I just wanted to double check that you have the correct location configured as that would obviously cause problems, and sometimes it’s the little things like that, that get overlooked. I only noticed because I tried clicking the link :wink: