Installation Report designer

I am newbee in this area.
I want to follow C:\TEMP\knime\Example Workflows\Basic Examples\Simple Reporting Example.
There is requirement regarding install exptension Report Designer.
During installation I got this message

My version of Knime is 4.3 w10 64bit .

I can not follow this steps
Create your own report:

  1. Execute the entire workflow
  2. Click the “Open the report” button in the toolbar (make sure that the KNIME Report Designer extension is installed. If not, go to File, then Install KNIME Extensions/KNIME Report Designer)
  3. Select “Run” from the Report environment
  4. Choose your preferred format to see the final report.
    Note: If you have changed the KNIME Workbench, click View/Reset Perspective to see all panels in the Report Designer.

Do you have idea what I am doing wrong?


Mno after testing and doing some combinantion it installed.
I have just try to repeat what I did:

  1. cleare my all network connection as picture displayed

  2. than in availabe sowtware in preference I did this

    3.then run install knime extension with this error

  3. after this I have returned again to limit source for install knime extension

  4. and then I ran again installation knime extensions and was successfull

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