Installing alvaMolecule and avogadro extensions

Hi! I am new to KNIME and I cannot seem to figure out how to install extensions (applications which are installed on my laptop) in KNIME. Is this possible? If so, how should I do this?

I would appreciate anyone who can help me. Thank you!

Hi @kateaposacas04

Those look like standalone programs to me and as such cannot be connected to KNIME directly. Extensions for KNIME are not external applications installed on your laptop, they are an integral part of the KNIME platform.

In KNIME, if you go to Help ā†’ Install New Software ā†’ select --All Available Sites-- you get an overview of all currently available KNIME extensions. There is a bunch of cheminformatics extension out there.


Perhaps you can elaborate and what you want to achieve with KNIME and Iā€™m sure a subject matter expert in that area (which Iā€™m not) can help you out :wink:


Thank you for the response! I also realized I can use these software without integrating them to KNIME.

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