Installing Knime and Starting Example Workflows

I have downloaded an installed Knime on a Mac OS.  I have installed the basic KNIME Extensions:  “KNIME & Extensions”, “KNIME Labs Extensions” and “KNIME Community Contributions –Other”. 
I cannot find the Knime TextProcessing extension but I assume it installed with the KNIME Labs Extensions.
I attempted to do the next step in the instructions:   
I followed the link “Browse example workflows”  and opened the EXAMPLES server, 

I went to the “KNIME Explorer” in the top left corner, and then to LOCAL (Local Workspace), and found “Example Workflow”.  I double clicked it to open it in the workflow editor at the center of the KNIME Analytics Platform. 
However, it will NOT open the workflow editor in the Analytics Platform.  I have tried over and over to get it to open, but no success.  

How do I open the Example Workflows? 

Hi Charlie,

Could you please go to Help > Installation Details > then in the Search Field under the Tab "Installed Software" start typing "text" - if you have successfully installed the text processing extensions, you should see smth like in the screenshot attached. In case the fields are empty - go to File > Install New Extensions > type "text" in the search tab and select all text processing extensions from KNIME Labs and Sources. Here is a guide from our E-learning course on installation of additional extensions.

To access Examples Server right click on EXAMPLES in the KNIME Explorer in the top left corner. In the context menu select "Log in". Here you can find more information on our E-learning course for KNIME Examples Server .

For guide on text processing and example workflows, check out our Node guide under Other Analytics Types > Text Processing.


Hope it helps!

Best, Daria