Installing KNIME Extensions via Bash

Hi @ScottF, Can this Bash node be used to install knime extensions via commnad? for eg: ./knime -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -nosplash -consolelog -r -i

Hi @mdevagiri and welcome to the forum. I moved your question to a new topic to keep the forum tidy, since it was attached to a three year old thread.

To answer your question: I’m not sure… I don’t know that anyone has tried that before! I have a feeling this might cause some problems, but I just don’t know for sure offhand.

I’m curious what the use case is for installing extensions like this, since if you’re using the Bash node, KNIME AP would already be open anyway, right? Can you describe in more detail why you’d like to install extensions in this way? Maybe I’m missing some nuance of what you need to do.

Hi @ScottF, thank you for your reply! I use lot of extensions and looking for an automated way to install all extensions in one go. And found that Bash node will be helpful to give the commands to the shell. However not successful in implementing this. If not Bash, do we have any other node that will be helpful to execute shell command from KNIME AP?

This would be an amazing solution to automatically deploying a large number of different extensions on a new desktop installation.