Installing Knime Report Designer



I would like to install Knime Report Designer but when I semect Install Knime Extensions in the File Menu, I don't see the Extensions where is the Node Knime Report Designer following the Install recomandation.

What kind i do?

Thanks a lot for Help


Hi The Report Designer does not have a node as such. You first need to send your data from the workflow to the Reporter Designer. To do this connect the "Data To Report" node from Reporting section to your workflow. This now makes the data available for the report designer.

Now to access the report designer, either right click on the workflow name in the workflow projects window and choose edit report or click on the yellow squiggle next to 100% at the top of the screen.



Thanks for reporting this. The category of the KNIME Report Designer has changed. Since KNIME 2.3.1 it can be found in the category "KNIME & Extensions". I just updated the documentation.


Hi Simon,


thanks for your answer.

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