Installing KNIME workbench on eclipse 4.3 (Kepler)


Is it possible to install the KNIME workbench in Eclipse Kepler?



No. We currently have hard requirements on Eclipse 3.x.

Hi thor,

Thanks for the update.

Are there plans in the pipeline to upgrade to Eclipse 4.3, and if not, are there anything that we can do to work around the hard requirements.


We don't have any plans to switch to Eclipse 4.3 soon. The earliest date would be July next year in any case. Also there is no workaround, it simply doesn't work with Eclipse 4.x.

Did you consider the Compatibility Layer provided? I found a blog post saying that this approach wouldn't require any code changes as long as you're not relying on internal APIs...

This could work, but would require extensive testing which we don't have ressources for at the moment. Also later Eclipse versions currently don't provide any significant benefit.