installing R on windows

I’m trying to get an R Snippet node to work. I’ve got a cluster going on and before I trash my new computer, I need more guidance than I have at KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration Installation Guide

I am not a programmer–thus trying to use knime.

Here’s what your instructions look like

Here’s what I have.

How do I do this correctly and not screw up my computer? Thanks

@smithcreed in addition to the official guide I can offer this article in the form of a knime workflow. You might try to follow along:

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Hello @smithcreed

These are the links about how to integrate R and KNIME. Your issue can be related to your R installation as well.

Once Installed, download a workflow containing the targeted family nodes to be auto-installed when open. Then you can configure your Path to R Home.

[ … ]

Then you can install all your packages from your R CRAN console. Starting with your ‘Rserve’ as suggested in the Guide. Otherwise your nodes are expected to fail.



[ … ]

and in the same way, these are the two necessary packages:



PS.- Besides that, you will need to install all packages called as library from node configuration script.

@mlauber71 Okay, I will check this out. When I installed R on my old computer I don’t recall so many steps or complications? Thanks

@gonhaddock Thanks for the advice. I will see if I can get through all of this successfully.

@smithcreed if everything works it is simple. Just follow the official guide. The other hints were when it was a problem to install the latest version of RServe.

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