Installing software has encountered a problem an error occurred while installing the item

Screenshot 2024-04-15 231957
i am trying to install knime extension.but getting error.whatever solution is available on knime community almost all are try but still not solve isuue. So please help me regard this issue,error you can see in image.

Hi @Rohit_208,

Would you provide the error details as well?

Are you trying to install an extension? which one?

right now solve this issue but i am facing new issue . i am trying to run code in python script node using yfinance library but i am not able run this code because got the error module not found. can you help in this issue? because whatever solution is here, i used almost all are but not solve issue.

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Would you please create a new topice for the new issue and provide as much information as possible?

ok thanks for update

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