Instructions for developing

I want to develop KNMIE nodes for image processing for my specific application.
I use the following resources to get familiar with this:

Especially the last link contains a lot of usefull examples. But I have the following questions:

  • Is there any documentation explaining all the core classes, such as org.knime.core.node.DataCell?
  • Is there any documentation explaining all knip classes, such as org.knime.knip.base.img.ImgPlusCell?
  • I want to learn from these examples, so it would be great if I could debug them. How should I do that? Can I import the knip repository in Eclipse and run some tests with it? How do I do that?
  • If you have any other useful information related to Developing (knip) nodes, please let me know

Thanks P

Hi @peterdl,

For developing KNIP nodes you need to setup your eclipse according to This allows you import the projects and compile them.

Sadly there is no detailed documentation of the inner workings of the knip classes. If you have specific questions please feel to ask them here.

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Hi @gab1one
There are two things I would like to know more about.

First of all I would like to reuse the ImgPlusToImgPlusNodeModel as it implements a lot of nice reusable features. But looking at the examples I see that the execute function is no longer part of this class. How should it be used? And what is the call order of the methods: UnaryOutputOpearation and compute?

Second. The class org.knime.knip.core.ui.imgviewer.ImgViewer looks very promising. I would to use it. But how do I know which functionalities are possible? I did find some examples, such as But perhaps there is a lot more possible then in these examples?

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Hi @peterdl,
I am very sorry for my late reply.

The ImgPlusToImgPlus node model is a way to wrap UnaryOutputOperations into KNIME Nodes. These are based on a precursor library to imagej-ops which has never been published to Github. However, you can see the code in your eclipse when you set the community target platform. The best way for you to implement something is to take a look at existing nodes such as LocalMaximaForDistanceMapNodeFactory.

I think the best way to figure out how the imgviewer is used is to import the KNIP code into your eclise and look at the classes referencing it. (e.g. SegmentOverlayNodeView).