Integer quirks

I fail to compare the Integer coming from the Integer Configuration with that coming from the column.

Java Snippet Row Filter
$raw_file_id$ == 12345 && // is equal
$${Iforce-raw_file_id}$$ == 1234 && // is equal
$raw_file_id$ == $${Iforce-raw_file_id}$$; // but this is NOT equal

integer_quirks.knwf (14.8 KB)

@a.formella you might want to use .equals():


I found that multiplying by 1 solves the problem too.

return $raw_file_id$ == $${Iforce-raw_file_id}$$; => FALSE
return $raw_file_id$* 1.0 == $${Iforce-raw_file_id}$$* 1.0; => TRUE

Very unintuitive.

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