Integrate python logging with knime loggging / console

It is still rather cumbersome to output to the console from python script. Switching the log level to see the print statements leads to clutter in the console and you have to switch forth and back.

I propose to integrate the python logging functionality with the knime console. eg the python logger would adhere to the knime settings and only output message to the console according to the level set.
(merge python error and critical to knimes “error” level).

Then one gets all the control needed and even imported packages can then log to the console if they have a logger configured.

@kienerj what you currently can do is build your own Python logging system:

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For completeness: the corresponding existing ticket is AP-20710

I admit I am stunned by Markus’ very nice workaround.

EDIT: And I also support your idea, Joos.