Integrate timestamp into filename

I am trying to create the CSV file name with execution date. but i am not getting the output as expected.
i am copying the screen shot for your reference. can you help me to resolve this issue.

I want the file name like ‘‘Lowes Workday EIB_NHP_CDGT_Payroll_04-14-2022_HRIT.csv’’ in output folder.

can you please help me to resolve this issue

Hi @prareddy and welcome to the forum. I moved your post to a separate topic since you replied to one that was a few years old.

Can you take a look at this example from the KNIME Hub? I think it’s pretty close to what you need.


@prareddy in addition to @ScottF example I could provide you my take on this:

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Hi @prareddy , it’s hard to guess from your screenshot what you are doing and what you are seeing and how exactly it’s not providing the expected output.

You should have shared what you are doing in the String Manipulation, and what the output of your Table Row to Variable is.

I’m going to make an assumption that you were able to create that file name properly, but you are not able to link it to the CSV Writer (From the screenshot, you can’t use the filename as is). The reason is that you need to convert that file name into a Path - the variable that the CSV Writer will accept is of type Path. You just need to use a String to Path (Variable) between the Table Row to Variable and the CSV Writer

It will convert the string you generated into a Path, which you can then use in the CSV Writer.

Thank you one and all. the issue has been resolved. :blush:

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