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Hi Knimers,

I developed a small workflow (please see image in attachment) to test the Integrated Deployment nodes and I would like to have some recommendation regarding their usage.

The workflow performs a basic mathematical calculation and at the end if the result is the one expected, it is deployed on the server.

It works locally but it cannot on the server since no “Container Input (Variable)” node has been created during the deployment step.

So I would like to know, if we can create this node like the “Container Input (Table)" during the deployment step?

If so, what should I do to create it ?

I know that I could modify the code to add in the input table the value of the flow variable and then create the flow variable afterwards (e.g. after the “Capture Workflow Start” node) but I am interested to use data table as input and flow variables as well.

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Hi Joel,

yes, you can do that. You’ll have to add the Container Input (Variable) node before the actual deployment by using the Workflow Combiner node.
The following workflow adds a Container Input (Variable) node to a String Manipulation (Variable) node and then writes/deploys it:



Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply.

So if I understood correctly only “Container Input (Row) or (Table)” nodes are created automatically during the deployment step using the “Workflow Writer” or “Deploy Workflow To Server” nodes but not the others ones (e.g. "Input Container (Variable) or (Credentials)) and should be added manually before to deploy, is it correct ?


Yes, exactly. So far we only allow the two most commonly used Container I/O node types to be added via the Inputs and Outputs tab of the Workflow Writer & Deploy Workflow to Server node dialogs. It is just to make it a bit more convenient for the majority of use cases.

Thanks for the explanation

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