Integrating Jython in Knime SDK

Hello at all,

first of all I want to say hello to the community, this is my first post.

I am relatively new to knime, and have some troubles  during the development of a Knime Node on my own.

I would like to use the PythonIntepreter class in java for executing some python commands.

For testing this, I implemented only the following line (and of course the whole Code for implementing a Node):

python.exec("print 'Hello Jython World!'");


I always get the following failure:

ERROR     KNIME-Worker-0 PythonVoting     Execute failed: org/python/util/PythonInterpreter


I have tried to fix it, but I did not get it working.

I think the configuration of the built path is ok, because I don't get any problems before running it.


If someone knows how to handle it, I would be very happy for any hint to get it working.  The next step would be to run a python script with the PyhtonInterpreter

If I should provide you with more information, please tell me which one and I will post it.

Thanks in advance,


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