Integrating R (ggplot2) into a KNIME workflow


I’ve been using KNIME to Extract and transform PostgreSQL data but I find the KNIME graphics capabilities clunky and have been told I can integrate R (ggplot2 library) into my workflow. I’ve found a couple of resources (i.e. but am looking for the KNIME node that will read the database to get me started (accessing the DB).


For the general access to a database you could use the KNIME DA Nodes:

Then I have a few more examples of graphics using R and Python you might find useful.

R - multiple graphics

R - Venn Gram - Export graphics to PNG

R - Heatmaps with Dendrograms

Python - some graphics from the Iris data set


Hi there @reichmaj,

I know KNIME is missing some visualizations and features in existing ones but what is clunky about them? :confused:


I simply am more comfortable with and like the power of R’s ggplot2

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