Integrating Tableau Visualizations in Web Portal?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to integrate a Tableau visualizations inside the Web Portal?

Nowadays, we have some specific visualization that we need to do in Tableau.

This is the process:

  1. The consumer executes the workflow from the Web Portal
  2. Some calculations are done in the background and a Tableau Visualization is created using the Tableau nodes
  3. In the Web Portal, we show a link that goes to Tableau. So the consumer presses the link and is redirected to the Tableau page for consuming.

Is there a way to skip step 3? So that the Tableau visualization directly appears in the Web Portal?

Thank you.

Hi @misterhd ,

Unfortunately we do not have any workflows that demonstrate how to do this on our hub at the moment, so it would have to be a custom solution. One way that you may be able to accomplish this would be using the generic javascript view, and writing the embedded Tableau Link into node code, but I can’t confirm this. We would love to see it though if you do end up getting it to work!


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