Integration of DB-Tools for connection-table-selection


It is possible to drag-and-drop files into a workflow and automagically, they are partly set-up.

It would be really cool, if something similar was available where one could drag-and-drop database tables to the workflow. I am not sure whether this is possible at all from a GUDB I, but maybe DBeaver (partly OSS) or DbVisualizer can be a starting point.




Thank you for reaching out to us with this feedback.

Could you be a bit more specific with what “automagically, they are partly set up” looks like or means, specifically? What does it mean for the file to be partly set up? I’d just like to get a slightly better idea about what you’re looking for here, so that I can understand the feature request.

Thank you,

Hi Nickolaus

Thanks for getting at my suggestion. I happily shall expand on it.

Dragging in a file with suffix csv creates a csv reader, a table (or was the suffix knime) create a knime table reader, xls(x) → Excel. So to me, it would be wonderful, if one dragged in a PostgreSQL table from e.g. DbVis or DBeaver, there would be created a PostgreSQL connector, table selector and reader, likewise with MySQL, … you name it.



I am not sure whether it has become clear. With drag and drop of files, I refer to doing so from a file manager like Dolphin under Linux and not from within KNIME.

Hello Thiemo,

I have created a feature request, designated AP-19173, to track this enhancement.



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