Integration with Kerberos


I'm integrating Hadoop with Kerberos into KNIME and running into issues. The Kerberos authentication is failing. From the snippet of the KNIME log below, it looks like the default realm is not being set correctly. It should be DATARUSH.LOCAL but seems to be "default". I've set the (and realm + kdc) system properties in the knime.ini file with no success. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.


DEBUG     SaslRpcClient                      Received SASL message state: NEGOTIATE
auths {
  method: "TOKEN"
  mechanism: "DIGEST-MD5"
  protocol: ""
  serverId: "default"
  challenge: "realm=\"default\",nonce=\"2zXOzLIarr2uj+1bX110pIv5gECQVqAjfaEfhXCT\",qop=\"auth\",charset=utf-8,algorithm=md5-sess"
auths {
  method: "KERBEROS"
  mechanism: "GSSAPI"
  protocol: "hdfs"
  serverId: "usau-vm-cdh5-sn.datarush.local"

Haven't found the exact issue, but a workaround is to specify a different JVM in the knime.ini file. Not sure if the problem is the JVM or the JVM configuration embedded in KNIME. For now, changing the JVM is working.

It might be interesting to others (or future you ;-) ) with similar problems which JVM worked for you.