Interactive Range Slider Widget not working with Bar Chart (but working with others charts)


First, I apologize for the messy workflow I’m sharing.

I really don’t understand why the Interactive Range Slider Widget does not work with bar chart (JavaScript) but it works with other JavaScript charts (as in the component - at hte very end of the workflow - in the attached workflow). Could someone help me to understand if I’m doing something wrong or just facing a Knime’s bug ?
Women_in_Gov_.knwf (153.4 KB)

Many thanks

Hi @Fra_S3k_knime ,

Thank you for reaching out to us. This issue was already discussed here and the Bar Chart does not work with the Interactive Range Slider:

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Many thanks for your answer, and apologize to duplicate the topic … I thought it was related with Range Slider Widget and could not figure out why it wasn’t working… (by the way an annoying limitation of bar chart :frowning_face:)

You are welcome! Maybe you can have a look at our KNIME Hub and check if there are similar workflows, e.g. the interactive bar chart example:

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