Interactive Value Filter Widget + Stacked Area Chart

Can anyone please help me on this, not sure where I’m going wrong.
I’ve applied Interactive Value Filter Widget on list of User names as a drop-down. However the Stacked Area Chart is not responding to the filter widget.


Hi @Asghar -

Can you upload your workflow in progress with some (non-confidential) data included? That will help others be able to troubleshoot your problem better.

Hi @ScottF -

Here is the sample workflow. Hope this helps.

sample_graph.knwf (25.1 KB)

hi @Asghar
try add,

happy knimining,

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Hi @marzukim - thank you for the quick response.

However, the refresh is not happening for me. It is throwing this error message if I select a user and click on the Refresh button.


hi Asghar ,
sorry to hear that you’re still having difficulties. i’m not an expert in knime, so i can’t say what’s causing those errors.
however, everything is working properly on my side and i’ve attached your workflow (saved in v5.1) for you to verify.
sample_graph-MM.knwf (138.6 KB)

may be you could provide some information about the os and knime version you’re using to develop the workflow. hopefully, other knime members and experts who have had similar experiences can help you.


I’m using Windows 10 OS and Knime v5.1.1

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