Interactive World Map without necessity of column latitude and longitude using instead the iso_code2 name or the English name of countries

Good Morning to all,
Does it exist a World interactive Map node in KNIME which does not have the necessity of data columns with latitude and longitude? Does it exist, as in other BI tool as SAP/BO QlikSense, PowerBI, a World interactive Map node in KNIME which can use, for the country, almost the isocode2 or isocode3 or the standard name of country and also the name of the city?
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Daniele Gentile.

Try the Choropleth Map component. You can find it and examples in the Hub. Here’s a list of the country names used in the Choropleth Map component.
Choropleth Country Names.csv (26.0 KB)


I have to obtain that but at the level of towns and in Cloropleth Map the minimum level is the province. We have some other map node that alow to arrive at level to Town without using longitude and latitude?

Hello @DanGenEire
You can map from ISO code using the Geospatial Analytics extension for KNIME, provided by OpenstreetMap (ODbl)


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