Intermittent fault, Send keys/Send file (see workflow)

Could someone give me some input? I am considering migrating files to a new system through the front end (no POST method available). I’ve built two POCs on a demo environment:

  1. Send keys: loop through the location (URL) of each group of files, and submit them at once (concatenated string).
  2. Send file: group loop each group of files based on their final location (URL) and loop upload them.

After a few loops, both send keys and send file path run successfully in the workflow, but they fail actually to upload the files on the front-end.

Am I picking the wrong selector, or how could I improve it? (see in the workflow 3 selector alternatives I’ve used).

Hi there,

I’m grabbing at the low hanging :apple: :cherries: :pear: for now - I checked your WF and at first sight this looks very reasonable. The selector //input[contains(@id, 'html')] looks generic enough (no randomly assigned IDs, etc.)

Did you try to enable the “Wait up to X seconds” option and give it a few seconds? It’s quite likely that the <input> is not yet in the DOM when you try to access it, and thus the execution fails.

Probably that already fixes it? :slight_smile:


I tried, but it didn’t work.

Looking deeper, I noticed that the files show on the UI as “uploading,” but they aren’t (in green on the screenshot). I tried to manually upload package.json and it works.


Mmmmh, what’s the error message you see when the workflow fails? Is there any more details in the logs?

Did you solve it?


Hi, no I couldn’t solve the issue. We tried running the workflow on my colleague’s laptop, and it ran super smoothly with no issues, so maybe a cache issue. The final version of the flow included two loops (one for folders, and one for files inside the folder). I wanted to add a way to double-check the successful upload of files (thought of a try-catch) but we did a GET request to see what files are uploaded instead.


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