Intermittent fault, Send keys/Send file (see workflow)

Could someone give me some input? I am considering migrating files to a new system through the front end (no POST method available). I’ve built two POCs on a demo environment:

  1. Send keys: loop through the location (URL) of each group of files, and submit them at once (concatenated string).
  2. Send file: group loop each group of files based on their final location (URL) and loop upload them.

After a few loops, both send keys and send file path run successfully in the workflow, but they fail actually to upload the files on the front-end.

Am I picking the wrong selector, or how could I improve it? (see in the workflow 3 selector alternatives I’ve used).

Hi there,

I’m grabbing at the low hanging :apple: :cherries: :pear: for now - I checked your WF and at first sight this looks very reasonable. The selector //input[contains(@id, 'html')] looks generic enough (no randomly assigned IDs, etc.)

Did you try to enable the “Wait up to X seconds” option and give it a few seconds? It’s quite likely that the <input> is not yet in the DOM when you try to access it, and thus the execution fails.

Probably that already fixes it? :slight_smile:


I tried, but it didn’t work.

Looking deeper, I noticed that the files show on the UI as “uploading,” but they aren’t (in green on the screenshot). I tried to manually upload package.json and it works.


Mmmmh, what’s the error message you see when the workflow fails? Is there any more details in the logs?