Internal comparison of two CSV tables

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I am currently trying to create the following in KNIME. We have a CSV file that is read in with the CSV reader. First we check if it is only a string, because we want to analyze only the strings. Now we want to check if one of the columns contains a currency or not. We therefore check all columns to see if they contain three capital letters. This is the first indication that it could be a currency. We have created another table that contains all possible currency codes. The table should now be compared with the currency table and only be used if it really contains a currency. My question now is. How can I set up this comparison? I don’t know how to compare a table with a second one “only” without putting them together via a join. Does anyone here have an idea?

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Julia Gawin

Hi Julia @jgawin

I have made a small workflow to show how to use a Loop and Rule Engine to determine the presence of the currency code in a column. As it is, the workflow only works if the currency code is the only thing in the column. However, this can be changed/improved depending on what else may be present in the column.

You can access the workflow in the hub here:

Please let me know if you need further explanation

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@jgawin maybe you could use a RgeEx extraction to get all the three capital letters and then filter by the matching rows:


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