Interpolating nodata that have value of -3.4e38 for raster tiff for time series

So i have a tiff raster from TROPOMI SIF (s5p) and within the tiff the nodata value is -3.4e38 which i want to intepolate linearly. How can i do that. Note . the tiff file has 3 bands(band 1 =SIF_Corr_743), band 2 is latitude and band 3 is longitude. I want to interpolate for only band 1 and plot time series .

Hi @JuliusPaaquesi

Thank you for posting your query on KNIME Forum. As of now, raster data is not supported in KNIME. However, if you can get the first band and read that in KNIME, you can use “Linear Regression Learner” and “Regression Predictor” for interpolation of your data.


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