Interpreting MAPE

Hello, I’m a complete newbie to KNIME and ML in general and I’m not confident in my interpretation yet.

When looking at MAPE calculated with the numeric scorer node, which would correspond to 9%? 9.0, 0.09 or neither?

From my little google searches it seems like 0.09 would be 9% in python or R, but some of the posts on here imply 9.0 would be correct in KNIME, though non explicitly say.

Ty in advance!

Hey @MAPE,

It should just be 0.09. I ran a sample workflow that uses a numeric scorer and got:

where the 0.178 = 17.8%.

Also see image below:

This is in the node description and in the formula used it does not times by 100 in the calculation, so 0.09 represents 9%.

Hope this helps,

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