Introduction di KNIME , help please

Good evening everyone, I am using knime for the first time and I wanted to ask you more experienced users for a big help, I thank in advance all of you who would like to help me.
I am creating a site using python as a back-end programming language.
The situation is this:

  1. i created a ‘register’ form , when a user makes a registration his username and password are saved in a database called site.db
  2. I would like to be able to manipulate this database via knime workflows and bring the output that came out of the knime workflow back to my site,
    could you show me how to do that? maybe with a basic example.

thank you very much

First of all welcome to the forums @keenkang :slight_smile:

without having more details, this is quite difficult.

But some nodes you might want to have a look at are the DB reader and the DB writer nodes in combination with a connector to your specific database, e. g. the following for sqlite-databases:

Also this video of KNIME TV on YouTube goes into a little bit more detail:

Hope this helps.

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Good evening, thank you for your welcome and response!
Thanks to your advice I managed to develop my first workflow with knime, very basic, I use a SQLite Connector to connect to my database, db table selector to select the table then a db row filter to filter the data I need, then a db reader and finally a db writer to create the new table with the filtered data.

I explain my situation better, basically I am creating a website (back-end python language), this website is connected to a database that contains a table with data. My goal is to filter the data using the workflow I created on knime resulting in the creation of the new table with the filtered data. I would like the user from my site to be able to choose a filter to select data from the database. For example: the data table in my database is a list of products and I want the user accessing my site to be able to put a filter to the list and only display products that cost more than an amount chosen by the user.
Is the first time I am doing such a task so I ask you to forgive my ignorance.
The problems I am experiencing are:

  1. I can’t connect the input from the front end of the site with the knime workflow ( where a node filters the table columns ) , i.e. I can’t put the price parameter chosen by the user as a condition of the knime node filter.
  2. I don’t know how to make this workflow trigger every time the user presses a specific button on my site. Let me explain, so far I noticed that to put my workflow into action I have to manually reset the nodes, this way it creates the new database table for me. I would like to be able to automate this process whenever the user presses a specific button.
  3. I have other problems to solve but for now there is already a lot of meat on the fire I would say.

thank you for your availability,
Andrea from Italy

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