Introduction di KNIME , help please

Good evening everyone, I am using knime for the first time and I wanted to ask you more experienced users for a big help, I thank in advance all of you who would like to help me.
I am creating a site using python as a back-end programming language.
The situation is this:

  1. i created a ‘register’ form , when a user makes a registration his username and password are saved in a database called site.db
  2. I would like to be able to manipulate this database via knime workflows and bring the output that came out of the knime workflow back to my site,
    could you show me how to do that? maybe with a basic example.

thank you very much

First of all welcome to the forums @keenkang :slight_smile:

without having more details, this is quite difficult.

But some nodes you might want to have a look at are the DB reader and the DB writer nodes in combination with a connector to your specific database, e. g. the following for sqlite-databases:

Also this video of KNIME TV on YouTube goes into a little bit more detail:

Hope this helps.

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