Invalid Block Type

For some reason, KNIME doesn’t manage to read an Excel file.

I searched for a solution, but couldn’t find any.

Could you help me?

Thanks in Advance
Pedro Galindo

Would you happen to able to upload an (anonymized) version of that Excel sheet?

It indeed seems like a rare issue based on the number of forum search results so troubleshooting that only based a screenshot is extemely difficult.


Share.knwf (6.8 KB)

Hi @ArjenEX,

I can’t share the Excel file because it’s too big.

@PedroGalindo it is very difficult to tell what might go wrong without the sample file.

You could provide us with a Logfile in DEBUG mode in order to get an idea what is happening:

edit: your Excel path contains a myriad of spacial characters. One thing you could do is to try and read the file from a relative path near your workflow.

If this does not help you could explore more methods to import your Excel file with R and Python and see if that could help:



This is the log generated in DEBUG Mode:

KNIME Log - Excel Reader Error.txt (15.3 KB)

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